Why Your Fleet is the Unofficial ‘Face’ of Your Business

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to get your business recognised for all the right reasons? Just imagine if you could have a billboard that travelled around the country and brought you invaluable exposure wherever it went. Surely that would cost you a small fortune? Not if you already have your own commercial fleet.

A fleet of vehicles, whether it’s cars, vans or lorries, can be a fantastic way to raise your profile and establish your business as one of the most recognisable names in your industry. Research from the signage company 3M has found that in traffic-heavy areas such as central London, a single vehicle could be seen by more than 3,000 prospective customers every hour.

In a world saturated by marketing and with such tremendous competition to get your brand seen, this is an opportunity few businesses can afford to ignore. But how can you make sure your fleet gets the attention of prospective customers for all the right reasons? Here’s our guide to help you turn your fleet into the unofficial face of your business.

1. Brand your vehicles prominently

Given that passers-by and other drivers are likely to only glance at your vehicles momentarily, it pays to use strong visuals and keep your branding simple to give your business the best possible chance of being noticed. Logos should be large and clear as people are likely to be viewing them from a distance, and your business’s name should be written on the side and back of your vehicles.

2. Keep straplines simple

Unless you’re an instantly recognisable brand, it’s also worth adding a simple strapline that gives people an immediate understanding of what you do. Adorning your vehicles with complex descriptions of who you are and what you do is ineffective as people will not have the time or the inclination to read them. Instead, think of something simple but catchy, ideally with four words or less. Supermarket delivery vans do this well with lines such as ‘Freshly Clicked’ and ‘You Shop, We Drop’.

3. Make fleet cleaning a priority

If you plan to use your vehicles as a marketing asset, it’s essential you take fleet cleaning seriously.  All too often, fleet managers regard the cleaning of their vehicles as a needless expense, but although it does cost money to keep your fleet clean, the benefits of regular, professional fleet cleaning are priceless. If you’re not convinced, ask yourself what message your vehicles will send prospective customers when people see them covered in dirt and road grime.

4. Help customers track you down

As well as your business name, a logo and a strapline that tells prospective customers more about what you do, it’s also essential you include contact details on your vehicles to help them track you down. Display contact details such as your website, phone number or email address on your vehicles and wait for the business to come to you.

5. Track your drivers’ performance

When your vehicles are emblazoned with your business’s name and contact details, the last thing you need are drivers that do not behave appropriately on the roads. Your vehicles could be the only interaction people have with your brand, so it’s essential they are driven safely and courteously. Vehicle telematics systems can be used to monitor the performance of drivers and identify areas where further training is required.

6. Select your fleet vehicles very carefully

Regular fleet cleaning will keep your vehicles in the best possible condition, but if you really want to enhance your corporate image, you should also think carefully about the vehicles you choose to buy. Certain makes and models of vehicle will resonate with your target audience and communicate something about what you stand for, helping to elevate your brand in prospective customers’ minds.

7. Take safety seriously

Taking the safety of your fleet vehicles seriously can also help to build your brand. No one wants to be associated with vehicles that are unreliable or are a risk to your own drivers and other road users. Investing in vehicles that contain technology and innovations that improve driving safety can help to safeguard your business’s reputation and reduce the additional costs associated with repairs and downtime.

8. Use your vehicles to attract the best drivers

A shortage of professional drivers means transport and delivery firms must compete to attract new drivers. In this case, your fleet can become a powerful recruitment tool. Given the choice between a shiny, well-maintained vehicle and an old vehicle that’s covered in dirt and grime, assuming everything else is equal, 100 percent of drivers will choose to work for a business that clearly cares about its fleet.

9. Take the eco-friendly option

Environmental issues are more important to consumers than they have ever been before. Everyone is now aware of the importance of reducing carbon emissions and businesses that are seen to be doing their bit will hold an appeal for many prospective customers. In fact, research has shown that consumers perceive ‘green’ businesses as more trustworthy than their non-green rivals. That can make an investment in electric vehicles one that really pays off.

There are also eco-friendly alternatives you can consider when it comes to cleaning your fleet. Doing everything you can to reduce your business’s impact on the environment will make a big difference in how it’s perceived.

Eco-friendly fleet cleaning from Dropless

At Dropless, we will keep the unofficial face of your business looking its best and give your eco-credentials a boost. We provide a waterless fleet-cleaning service that reduces water waste by up to 300 litres per wash and produces no hazardous runoff. Get in touch with our team for a bespoke quote and to find out more.