Pricing for Customers

We are always trying to improve efficiency and service to our customers. We price each of our services based on your location and the size (surface area / m3) of your vehicle. This enables us to allocate a precise amount of time to ensure you get the perfect job done.

Our starting from prices in the table below reflect those customers in the locations that we service with our lowest possible pricing and a "small" vehicle size, whereas those with larger vehicles and in other locations will see a different, higher price to account for the extra time required and demand in the area.

We actually have 7 different bands of sizing, but here are a few examples:

Small cars – Mini Cooper
Mid Size cars – Tesla Model S
Large cars – Land Rover Discovery

Please view our packages below and click see more to get a full breakdown of what is included with each package.

The prices below are our "starting from" prices and will relate to small vehicles.

Pricing Table

Minimum Pricing

Vehicle Size & Location

  • Exterior waterless nano wash
  • All glass cleaned
  • Alloys cleaned
  • Tyre shine applied
  • Exterior trim dressed
  • Seat vacuumed
  • Steering column wiped down
  • Floor mats vacuumed
  • Rubbish removed
  • Door sills wiped down
  • Detail brushing for deeper clean
  • Deeper vacuum of seats and mats
  • Dry shampoo or leather treatment applied
  • Auto Glym radiant wax
  • HD Wax & Polish
  • Seat and floor wet shampoo and vac
  • Full interior deep clean
  • from £35

    Quick Outside

Additional Extras See more See more
  • from £49

    Quick In & Out

Additional Extras See more See more
  • from £69

    Gold Valet (Most Popular)

Additional Extras See more See more
  • from £89

    Diamond Valet (Bundle & Save!)

Additional Extras See more See more
  • from £135

    Platinum Valet (Bundle & Save!)

Additional Extras See more See more

Additional extras

  • Full exterior clay bar* £25
  • Full interior wet shampoo* £88
  • Engine clean and refresh* £88
  • Lifetime Complete Protection (Bundle & Save!)* £419
  • * Can be added to our standard range or booked individually
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Most requested additional services

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Disinfection clean only

Stay safe with our thorough anti-bacterial and anti-viral wipe down of all interior surfaces as well as the key exterior surfaces using Dettol products. As approved through our partnership and ongoing work with the NHS. Save some money and get 30% off this service when you add it to car wash or valet.

Full sterilisation service

Our full sterilisation service is the most thorough sterilisation process on the market. It is a three-fold process to ensure complete sterilisation of the car. An industrial ozone treatment process is followed by a wet shampoo, which contains an anti-bacterial and anti-viral Dettol product, and finally finished with a steam of upholstery and all surfaces. Ozone kills 99.99% of bacteria, mould, mildew and viruses including having recently been proven to kill Coronavirus.

Additional Services

Clay bar

Lifts away embedded contaminants from paintwork and glass surfaces to leave them deeply refreshed and blemish free.

Full interior wet shampoo

Removes even the deepest stains to leave upholstery looking brand new.

Engine clean & refresh

Totally revitalise your engine, tackle the grease and grime on the most valuable part of your car with this deep clean.

Ozone odour removal

Eradicate the most ingrained smells from your car with our 24 hour ozone treatment. This service is topped off with a full wet shampoo and steam clean of all upholstery leaving your car breezy fresh.

Concrete removal

Our unique concrete dissolvent is non corrosive to paintwork while being extremely effective at breaking down the cement that bonds together concrete. Perfect for removing light or heavy concrete and cement from paintwork and glass surfaces. We'll just need images of the affected areas to provide an accurate quote, you can send these via email to [email protected]

From £100

Sap removal

Our three stage technique weakens and then breaks the sap bonds allowing us to remove it safely from paintwork and glass surfaces. We'll just need images of the affected areas to provide an accurate quote, you can send these via email to [email protected]

From £100

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