Fleet Newsletter: May 2022

Maintaining a fleet can be extremely time consuming and labour intensive, but we understand the importance of long-term care to ensure fleet durability, as replacing vehicles can be extremely costly. Fleet care is also essential to maintaining the safety of employees and customers.

Vehicle longevity can be improved with regular servicing, scratch or dent removal and of course regular cleaning, all of which help to give vehicles that ‘new car feeling’.

Body Repair

Compared to traditional body shop repairs, SMART body repairs are often able to quote a fraction of the price. SMART specialists are able to isolate the repairs to specific panels and can remove scratches, scuffs and dents from paintwork, bumpers and alloys, all in just a few hours. Once all scratches and dents have been removed they can create a perfect colour paint match to ensure a flawless finish, leaving the vehicle ready to be rolled onto the showroom floor.

We believe that dealerships need professional, experienced and reliable SMART body repair technicians they can rely on, to help transform and maintain their vehicles. In turn, increasing their value and building trust amongst their customers.


We are excited to announce our new partnership with Zipcar. Our Mobile Mechanics will work alongside the Zipcar team to ensure their fleet vehicles are all fully serviced at their respective mileage and intervals. Giving their customers continued peace of mind when on the road.


We recently won the Water Management Award in the prestigious Edie Awards 2022! Our technology gives customers and businesses an alternative, sustainable solution to the traditional car wash to help keep their vehicles and fleets, clean and safe.


Cleaning Commercial Vehicles

For commercial vehicles used to transport goods and materials, it is important that they receive regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent accidents, protect the environment, and maintain a safe work environment.

The impact of contamination from road tar, dust, oil or mud on commercial vehicles varies significantly depending on the type of vehicle and its purpose. But, with such large vehicles in question, how can the cleaning technology efficiently remove the build-up of dirt without damaging the bodywork?