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Hydroloop Technology

How We Do It

The vehicle is driven onto our bespoke reclaim mat. It is then jet washed using a specialised cleaning foam in combination with water. All dirt and water runoff is collected by the reclaim mat and pumped through our Hydroloop system to be filtered and reused in future washes. This means we require no on-site access to water or drainage.


Developed in house, Hydroloop is our bespoke water recycling system. It enables us to efficiently jet wash vehicles and then reclaim and filter the vast majority of the used water, essentially creating a closed-loop cycle. The reclaimed water is pumped through a series of filters which extract the dirt and produce clean water, ready for use again.

HGV Washing

The vehicles are initially sprayed with Active Diamond Foam, a specialised, self-acting cleaning foam that lifts off and breaks down the dirt. The solution is left to act on the surface of the vehicle for two minutes and it is then rinsed off using exclusively water. The product used is highly environmentally friendly and very gentle on materials.

The Benefits to your Business Fleet


Our system is a closed-loop cycle, meaning that we are able to save hundreds of litres of water with every wash. The Active Diamond Foam is made up of non-VOC components and is 100% biodegradable. The mobile feature of our service means you don’t have to drive your HGVs to the washing facilities, saving hundreds of tonnes of CO2. All helping your CSR ambitions.

Saves Time

Our Hydroloop division is 100% self-contained, equipped with everything they need to deliver a top-class service at your site. The washing system is extremely time-efficient, enabling us to wash a 7.5T vehicle in under 15 minutes. Giving more time to your drivers for them to be on the road.

Saves Money

We require no on-site access to drainage, water or power; we bring it all with us to your site thanks to our Hydroloop system. The closed-loop system means we are completely self-sufficient and only need access to the fleet’s depot. Saving your business time and money.

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Bill Thornbury - Fleet Manager

The Ultimate Fleet Wash

"This was my first time using Dropless and the guys did a stupendous job for me. The car looks as good as it did when it was new, three years ago. Their service is highly recommended so give them a chance to show you what they can do"

Sam Spence

Great to see a company trying to solve a problem

"We've wasted endless hours and time sending our drivers to and from wash stations hours away. The Dropless service has helped save us time, money and of course their unique technology recycles the water too".


I've had the privilege of seeing them in action

"Absolutely essential service for a large business trying to improve CSR and efficiency".

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