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We currently operates in 5 cities including London, Manchester, Bristol, Bath, and Cardiff, and are looking to expand across the rest of the UK in 2022 and into Europe in 2023. Together we can get there!

We believe happy people make motivated and hardworking employees. We focus on creating an inclusive, effective and diverse work environment where people get the opportunity and freedom to be the best versions of themselves, both professionally and personally.

Our values

Values we live by.

Graft, Grit & Grind

As a fast growing start-up it’s essential that every member of our team is willing to get stuck in. Whether it’s using a little elbow grease to get the perfect finish or simply going the extra mile to launch a new service, it’s all part of what we love.

Inventive & Analytical

We are leading innovation within our sector. We strive to always be pushing boundaries, to test new ideas, analyse and learn. We strongly believe that no idea is a bad idea and it’s the failures that we quickly learn from that allow us to continue to grow rapidly.

Family & Togetherness

Teamwork makes the dream work. We are one big family all aiming towards a common goal, from our service providers on the ground through to our back office team. Each team hosts regular teambuilding events and company wide meetups to ensure total alignment.

Ethical & Eco-friendly

We aspire to change the industry for the better through our waterless car washing methods. We have saved over 20 million litres of water and offer an alternative to typically poor working conditions at traditional car washes.

Fun & Exciting

We believe that by creating a happy and exciting environment in which to work, the quality of our work improves. Our passionate service providers love to please our customers and to be exposed to the cutting edge of the automotive sector.

Pride & Opportunity

All of our team take pride in what we do, whether that’s the finish on a customer vehicle or the code we write. If you have what it takes, then we have the structures in place to allow rapid career progression and to feel truly fulfilled.

A few of the Dropless team

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Frequently asked questions

  • 01 What skills can I learn from a career within Dropless?
    We are the UK’s fastest growing mobile car and fleet washing, valeting, scratch and dents and servicing company. Our digital mindset and sustainable business model is embedded in every company decision, together with technical expertise, sales grip, detail orientation and people management.
  • 02 How does Dropless promote diversity?
    We have always recognised and promoted the added value of a diverse work environment. Dropless talents belong to different identity groups and any cultural and talent difference makes our team stronger, more empathetic and efficient being able to address any issues valuing different people and situational behaviours.
  • 03 What are the career progression opportunities like at Dropless?
    At Dropless we value internal career growth and we are glad to offer our employees vertical and lateral career paths within or across functions. We don’t use timescales at Dropless and aren’t afraid to reward people early on in their Dropless journey who are performing to a high level and show the right attitude. We make a point to acknowledge those who show a desire and drive to develop within the company.
  • 04 How does Dropless support/promote environmental safety?
    Dropless prides itself on its eco-friendly and sustainable methods. Our eco-friendly nano solutions help us save over 150L of water per wash compared to your standard car wash! As well as this we also use electric vehicles as a form of transport for our operatives! We believe that we are ambassadors for environmental safety and as such we only use water to dilute our products which are not harmful to the environment.
  • 05 What are the roles that are typically available within Dropless?
    We offer mobile valeting washer and mobile body repair technicians’ position based across most of the UK. At all times, we evaluate new talents to strengthen our back office London and/or Bristol office teams.
  • 06 What can a position at Dropless offer?
    We offer competitive salaries, holiday and pension scheme, together with generous competitive bonuses, incentive packages, possible options plans - if applicable to the positions - and a very flexible and hybrid work environment. Not to mention a company vehicle for mobile valeting operatives and SMART body repair technicians. Here at Dropless we are a very tight-knit family and go through the highs and lows as a team so one thing you can expect is someone to always pick you up when you’re down.
  • 07 What is the most fun part of working with Dropless?
    The Dropless team is very cohesive, full of energy, enthusiastic and creative. While constantly working on different projects across functions, we get to know each other, grow together personally and professionally, travel (when possible) and socialise. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships in the workplace to allow bonds to grow both on a professional and social level.
  • 08 What is the training process like at Dropless?
    At Dropless we take Training very seriously, we have an internal Dropless academy. Our leaders and service providers are trained and evaluated on strong basic and advanced training sections to be able to be ready to be the best Dropless Ambassadors on the ground.