Mobility as a Service: The Future of Car Ownership?

Is mobility as a service the future of driving? We think so – which is part of the reason why we’ve tailored our services to perfectly fit this movement. How, you ask? Well, let us tell you…

Mobility as a Service Explained

Simply put, mobility as a service (MaaS) refers to the shift from using personally-owned vehicles to using services that provide cars on a short-term rental basis. This could include car sharing, car rentals and peer-to-peer lending. For example, people will be able to hire a vehicle for an hour or two and then, once they no longer need it, they can leave it in one of the many designated drop-off bays the company has dotted around.

This market is still relatively new – however, we predict that shared mobility is about to go through the roof. A recent study showed that global car sales are expected to drop by 3.1 million soon, which will be the steepest dip since the Great Recession.

Why the Shift?

In all honesty, it’s not surprising that this prediction has been made. Car sharing is essentially a form of public transportation, which is one of the most popular forms of transport in big cities. Car sharing also means that individuals won’t have to pay for MOT, tax or insurance, which is especially appealing to people who don’t need to use a car or van on a regular basis.

How Dropless and Mobility as a Service Go Hand in Hand

Here at Dropless, we are huge supporters of the MaaS movement – in fact, we already work with car sharing companies such as:

  • Turo
  • HiyaCar
  • Get Around
  • Evezy
  • UFO

Our services are ideal for these types of companies. Often the owners don’t want any hands-on contact with the vehicles they’re renting out – and that’s where we come in. We are a mobile car wash, which means we bring the wash to you. Once your customer drops off their rental vehicle at one of your designated bays, we can zip down to that location and get to work.

Our sustainable services include an exterior wash, an interior clean, detailing and much, much more – you can pick and choose which are right for you. We will also give your vehicle a wellbeing check as we clean to ensure that it is in mint condition and that previous users haven’t damaged it or stolen anything from it.

If your fleet comprises of electric vehicles, you can let them charge as we clean them. A full charge takes 45 minutes, which is exactly how long it will take us to get your vehicle sparkling. That means your car has less time out of commission and more time getting your customers from point A to point B.

Mobility as a service is the future. If you’re a part of this movement, we can help you get your cars squeaky clean efficiently, conveniently and in an eco-friendly way.

If you own a business that features mobility as a service, let’s discuss working together. You can get in touch with us in a variety of different ways – give us a call, shoot us an email or come visit us at one of our London offices today.