The Bane of Getting Into a Dirty Pool Car

A company car is meant to be a perk – after all, who wouldn’t relish the thought of driving off in a nice, new automobile that you didn’t have to purchase and that comes with free petrol? Unfortunately that’s not always the case, especially when your employees share the vehicle with their coworkers.

Read on to learn more about pool cars and how you and your employees can work together to keep them running mean and clean.

What is a Pool Car?

A pool car is a company vehicle that is available to two or more employees, and is regularly used by more than one member of staff. It differs from a company car because it cannot normally be kept overnight at an employee’s house or used for personal reasons.

How to Avoid a Dirty Pool Car

The frustrating part of using a pool car is that no singular person has complete control over its cleanliness. However, sitting down with your employees and agreeing on some ground rules can go a long way towards improving the vehicle’s overall tidiness. Here are a few top tips.

  • Clean Up After Yourself

The easiest way to keep a vehicle in sparkling condition is to ensure that everyone cleans up after themselves. If you bring something into the car, take it out with you when you finish with the vehicle for the day. If you drop or spill something, clean it up right away. In short, leave the car how you found it.

  • Freshen Up

Keep the pool car smelling fresh by keeping an air freshener in the vehicle. Often they last for months at a time, and they don’t cost very much at all.

  • Get a Car Wash

If you want both the outside and the inside of the pool car as clean as the day it was purchased and smelling fresh as a daisy, Dropless can help. When you get a car wash with us, the wash comes to you and we’ll have the interior and exterior looking spotless in no time (and we’ll even put an air freshener in the car for you, so you needn’t worry if you haven’t picked one up yourself yet). Coordinate with your employees to find a time when no one needs the vehicle, go about your business and, by the time you return, it will be sparkling clean.

If your employees are sharing a pool car it’s nicer for everyone if the vehicle is kept clean. From clearing up after yourself to making sure it is washed regularly, there are some simple steps you and your employees can take to maintain your pool car’s cleanliness.

Who We Are

Dropless is a mobile car wash company that brings the car wash to you. We specialise in sustainability, and are proud to say that are services are eco-friendly and significantly reduce water waste. Try our services today and see why companies such as Lidl are partnering with us.