Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 Where do I enter the promotion code I have?
    If you received a promotion code for a discounted wash, please enter this on the final screen before hitting book. Once you hit book, any discounts will be deducted from the overall cost.
  • 02 Do you work with businesses?
    Yes we do. Businesses should contact us on to discuss special rates for business accounts. Whether you want your fleet of sales cars looking perfect or you simply want to put a smile on your employee’s faces with a weekly car clean, please dont hesitate to reach out.
  • 03 Are you servicing my area?
    We currently cover all of SW London and have expanded into W, NW and SE postcodes.
  • 04 How will you clean the inside of my car?
    If you request our full valet, we will collect your keys from you at the scheduled wash time. Whether you’re in the office and leave your keys with your receptionist, or in the comfort of your home, simply drop us a comment when booking letting us know where the keys will be. If we have any problem, we’ll call you. Simple.
  • 05 Is it harmful to the environment?
    No, not at all! Our waterless products contain no hazardous ingredients unlike those contained in most conventional style products such as petroleum, acids, solvents. What’s even better….Every time you use Dropless over a traditional hand or electric car wash you save, on average, over 150 litre of water!!! As we use less than 1 litre per wash, a fortnightly wash saves annually over 2500 litres of water per person.
  • 06 Will I get scratch and swirl marks?
    No. Our nano solutions are formed to break down and encapsulate surface dirt that can be safely removed from the vehicle surface using clean microfibre mits without damaging any paintwork. Each of our waterless operatives are trained for over a week on how to properly detail cars and get a job perfect 100% of the time.
  • 07 What happens if it rains after my car is cleaned?
    Our selected waterless nano solution contains a carnauba wax that adds a hydrophobic layer of protection that will have the rain water run-off it effortlessly. This will prevent the usual water spots left after your local car wash clean and keep your car cleaner for longer.
  • 08 Does it do the same job as water and soap?
    Our waterless solution washes away the most stubborn dirt and gives your vehicle an instantly clean, highly polished finish leaving behind no toxic runoff (saving the environment one clean at a time). Our formulation contains Nano and Carnauba waxes which seal the vehicle’s base metal and wax coats the paint surface at the same time for double protection; repelling water, making the surface super slick, shiny and giving anti-static protective qualities. This helps to prevent dust being attracted to the surface keeping the surfaces cleaner and shinier for much longer than old style traditional washing.
  • 09 What is a waterless wash solution?
      Waterless doesn’t mean we don’t use liquid, we do, just less of it. A LOT LESS! Our ultra nano solution is an eco-friendly product that cleans, waxes, polishes and nano protects any part of your vehicle. Our nano wax, contains the world’s hardest natural protective wax, high-grade carnauba, giving your vehicle a premium mirror-gloss finish    
  • 10 Can I cancel a wash? Will I get charged?
    We understand that schedules change and you may need to change the time of a wash. If you cancel the booking within 12 hours of the scheduled time we will charge 50% of the booking. Cancellations within 3 hours of the booking time will be charged in full. If you move a wash 12 hours before the due date to another time (within 30 days) and do not cancel, you will be charged a fee of £5.00. Changing the time 3 hours before a booking will result in a £10.00 fee. The reason; Your washer will have booked out time for you and your vehicle in their working day and they need to make a living.
  • 11 Can I leave you with my car or do I have to be in the whole time?
    Yes of course you can leave us with your car. If it's an outside only we don't require the keys unless you specifically want the door sills done, so we can normally just find your car and crack on without disturbing you. For our services involving the inside being cleaned, if you don't have keyless entry then we will need the keys. We can grab them off of someone you trust or somewhere you've left them for us (whether that's with reception or a safe hiding spot). We can then post them through your letterbox or return them to a neighbor or reception. Just let our operative know by leaving a comment in the booking notes which you can edit during the booking process. We do ask that you are available to contact at the booking time in case we can't find your car!
  • 12 Can I book in multiple cars?
    Yes! Please get in touch with us here at or give us a call on 0203 538 7116 and we'll help you get your cars booked in.
  • 13 Is there a subscription package?
    Yes we do offer subscription for our customers via our flexi subscription and our black card memberships, both offer terrific discounts if you're looking for a more regular service. Contact us here at or give us a call on 0203 538 7116 and we'll share all the details with you.
  • 14 Will parking be an issue?
    Parking is rarely an issue for us as almost all of our operatives are on mopeds, so we can generally park in pretty tight spaces without charge!
    Street Parking:  If you're parked on the street, this is fine for us to clean - we have yet to be unable to clean a street parked car. Our operatives park with their vehicles close to yours, so they do not need to buy a ticket as we can move the vehicle if a warden approaches.
    Private Parking:  If you're parked in a private parking lot, you'll need to provide access for our operative on arrival. If our operative is on a bike, they can usually park without a fee, however if payment is required you will need to cover this cost.
  • 15 How much space do you need around the car?
    We're good at working in tight spaces but obviously there are limitations. We ask that you leave a minimum of 1.5 feet on all sides of the car to give our operative space to access the car.
  • 16 Do you need a electricity or water supply?
    No we don't require anything from you, we're totally self contained so don't worry about long extension cables or getting your hose pipe out. We use long life battery powered equipment (or a low fuel consumption generator for some services) and waterless wash techniques to allow us to be totally independent when cleaning. 
  • 17 Whats the main difference between the In & Out and the Premium Valet services?
    The main difference is time. Our operative gets double the time, so roughly an extra 1hr 15mins, which is predominantly spent on the interior of the car (although you can ask for this to be spent more on the outside if you like). We also use some more premium products such as a dry shampoo which gets out marks and light stains from fabrics, as well as a leather cleaner. All together, the premium gives our operatives more time and better products to go into a higher level of detail on your car, particularly the interior.