4 reasons fleet managers need to hire a cleaning service

We know, juggling demands and deadlines as fleet managers is no easy task and prioritising workloads can make it feel like time vanishes from the working week. It is understandable then that keeping your fleet looking as good as new – inside and out – may not be your top priority or staying with traditional cleaning services is the hassle-free option.


But this could be costing your fleet business time and money, not to mention having multiple adverse impacts on the environment.


Here, we outline four reasons why it is critical fleet managers start thinking smart about cleaning services.


1. Time is precious


It’s an old adage but one which strikes a chord with companies in the industry. As a fleet manager you want your drivers on the road, attending to clients and growing your business, not hunkered down by the wheels of their vehicle cleaning for hours at a time.


This can be a reality for many firms but with the range of fleet cleaning services now available on the market, it doesn’t have to be. Free up your drivers for what they’re best at and get some outside expertise.


Cleaning services can also save time in the office side of the business. Gone is the need to devise an internal strategy which can dilute your drive productivity and instead you can plan the fleet cleaning around periods of downtime to maximise efficiency.


What’s more, with mobile service offerings like Dropless we come to you! Petrol and driver hours are no longer eaten away by staff having to visit traditional services or head back to base for a clean treatment. This will keep your costs down, while our non-hazardous and eco-friendly products will keep you on the right side of regulations and the future of our environment.


2. Corporate social responsibility


As businesses expand considerations must move beyond questions of scale and profit margins. Corporate social and environmental responsibilities cannot be overlooked and having solid strategies in place can make your business even more attractive to clients.


An average car wash in London uses 149 litres of water and if you have a growing fleet, that water usage can soon add up. Therefore, employing a sustainable, waterless cleaning service is not only more effective but will strengthen your environmental credentials. And once water is saved, it can be put too much better use. It is why we here at Dropless have partnered with WATERIsLIFE to support them as they bring clean drinking water to millions across the developing world.


3. Brand protection


First impressions are important. Investing in a fleet cleaning service will help ensure your brand stands out from the competition and immediately convey a sense of professionalism to those you work with.


It can not only protect you brand but advance it too. Eco-friendly solutions like Dropless remove worries of water waste and make sure firms are not contributing to additional pollution. By adopting a waterless cleaning service, there is no fear of contaminated cleaning water – full of phosphates, detergents, metals and oils – having toxic effects on animal and plant life. What a good feeling!


4. Keep staff happy


Whether your fleet consists of lorries for transporting freight or BMWs for transporting clients, staff feeling content in what they drive is key to any business. Estate agents who are forced to drive prospective tenants around all days in a grimy car will find it difficult to constantly act as the positive representative of the business if they dread getting in one of the pool cars every day.


Alternatively, if your staff are excited about getting into a freshly-cleaned vehicle every day they are sure to approach their tasks with a brighter outlook. For fleet managers, your vehicles and the people who drive them really are the face of the business, and ensuring both are well looked after should be of the utmost importance.