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Are you passionate about sustainability, growth and innovation, start-ups, or the fast-changing automotive world? We are looking to partner with like-minded individuals to help us spread the Dropless name and vision!

Dropless was created to bring car washing into the 21st century through convenience and introduce sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly practices.

Why partner with Dropless

We would love a blend of social media presence (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,TikTok) with a minimum of 30K Instagram followers, who would be keen on:

  • Helping us generate brand awareness for Dropless through personal social media and word-of-mouth, whilst also creating positive exposure for yourself by being part of our growth and the challenge and rewards of improving an outdated industry for the better
  • The opportunity to take part in marketing events and campaigns, podcasts and upcoming YouTube content
  • Working closely with our brand to provide insight and feedback, as well as taking part in service and product reviews, all from the comfort of your own home as our mobile services come straight to you!

With this paid partnership comes free services and promo codes for your followers, with all activity tracked. If you love cars like we do and resonate with us, you can become the perfect Brand Ambassador for Dropless!

We are a young and fast-growing company providing digital, mobile, and sustainable car cleaning and repairing experiences to all vehicle owners. We desire to motivate our customers to be more sustainable and ethical in their activities. Within a short time frame, we have grown rapidly can genuinely say we are making a difference and people’s lives easier.

Did you know

We save at least 150 litres of water per wash and the associated carbon saving from not having to clean the water and pump it back to the source. Since launch Dropless has saved over 10 million litres of water.

The car washing industry is the second biggest slave trade within the UK. Dropless are trying to change this. All operatives are valued members of our team, we have extensive training, safety regulations, and fair pay initiatives for our workers. We are also B-Corp Certified.

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