SMART Mobile Wheel Alloy Repair

Wheel Alloy Repair Delivered To You

SMART Mobile Wheel Alloy Repair

Our SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) wheel alloy repair restores chips and scrapes without removing the wheels from the car and without compromising on the quality of it being in a body shop. With over 12,000 happy customers and all our work covered by our 6-month guarantee, you can trust in us to restore your alloys back to brand new, all while saving you time and money.

Who We Are

How we do it

After first cleaning the wheel and alloy to expose the full extent of the damage, we then mask off the tyre to begin work. The damage is then precisely sanded down and if the alloy is chipped, a filler is used restore its original shape, which is then sanded again to smooth and blend the repair. A primer and colour matched paint is then applied to finish the repair and leave a flawless finish.


With our SMART wheel alloy repair, there is no need to remove the wheel from the car to get the highest quality finish. This means that we can come to you, wherever that may be, and can get each alloy done in a matter of hours. No need to faff around organising the drop off and collection of your car from the nearest body shop where it’s gone for days.

Money Saver

Not only do scuffed and chipped alloys break your heart, they really devalue the resale price of your car. Body shops, with their huge overheads, will often overcharge, particularly when returning your car at the end of its lease. Thanks to our SMART wheel alloy repair techniques, we can replicate the quality of a body shop but without the enormous cost and slow turnaround. Its money being put right back in your pocket. Simple.

Client Testimonials

Tom Gifford

Top Drawer Service

"This was my first time using Dropless and the guys did a stupendous job for me. The car looks as good as it did when it was new, three years ago. Their service is highly recommended so give them a chance to show you what they can do"

Charlotte Langhurst

Been using Dropless for 2 years now!

"Always satisfied and very friendly and do an amazing job! and so convenient that they come to you. Lewis did a great job and nothing was too much trouble. would recommend to people."

Andy Brown

Best value body repair service out there!

"Shopped around all over for the best quote and no one could beat these guys - fantastic quality finish to go with it - my car looks brand new! Save yourself a nightmare and a fortune and go with Dropless."

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 What We Need To Perform Your Repair

For a mobile scratch, dent or alloy repair you will be required to provide us parking on arrival. We need to be able to park within one or two car parking spaces from your vehicle and we will need to have a minimum of three feet either side of your car to work.

If you park on a permit holders only road, please remember to get us a temporary pass for the day and have it ready for us on arrival.

We will also more than likely need access to your car. Please ensure they keys are available for us on arrival.

If any of these are not provided on arrival and we are unable to complete the repair, a cancellation fee will be applied. Please see our cancellation policy below for guidance on fees.

Aftercare: Wheel Alloy Repair

  • Do not touch the repaired alloy for 24 hours after the work has been completed.
  • Do not clean, wash or apply any products to the repaired alloy for 5 days after the repair has been completed.
  • Do not use any acidic or otherwise corrosive products on the repaired alloy.

6-Month Guarantee For All Wheel Alloy Repairs

Nothing makes us happier than repairing someone’s pride and joy back to brand new, but we know it’s much more than just the superficial, it’s got to be a repair that lasts! That’s why our 6-month guarantee covers all alloy repairs as long as you retain ownership of the vehicle.

If, for whatever reason, you are either unhappy with the repair or it deteriorates years after the original repair, get in touch with us. As long as you can produce the original receipt for the work completed (we’ll even email it to you) then we will rectify the work! The guarantee is non-transferable, and not valid once the car is sold – any refund or liability shall be limited to the maximum of the value indicated on the repair Invoice.

Just to note, our 6-month guarantee does not cover cases in which our work is not directly responsible for issues encountered, such as: Rust or corrosion; whether or not it was evident before the repair was carried out. Further accident or impact (including but not limited to stone chipping); Inappropriate aftercare, as stated in the instructions supplied upon completion of the repair(s), which includes not washing the vehicle within three days of completion of work. The use of corrosive cleaning agents, i.e. acidic alloy wheel cleansers.Any additional work or improvements are not covered by any guarantee.


We understand that schedules change and you may need to change the time of a body repair. If you cancel the booking you will lose your 20% deposit. If you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled time we will charge 50% of the booking price. Cancellations within 12 hours of the booking time will be charged at 100%. If you move a repair 24 hours before the due date to another time (within 30 days) and do not cancel, you will be charged a 10% fee. Changing the time 12 hours before a booking will result in a 50% fee. The reason; Your body repair specialist will have booked out time for you and your vehicle in their working day and they need to make a living.