Tree-mendous Update

As part of our target to become carbon neutral by 2025 we are excited to announce that we have started planting trees in order to offset any of our carbon emissions related with washing customers cars. That’s right for every 10 washes we will plant 1 tree, which will equate to planting over 42 trees a week!! 

Not only will the trees be plated to offset the emissions of our washes, but we will also plant trees to support our fleets carbon footprint. Currently many vehicles in our fleet are fully electric but sometimes the infrastructure and practicality can make it difficult for a small start-up. With 2022 we plan to continually improve those ratios, and our next 5 vehicles will be fully electric. However in the meantime as we rely on some of our non EV vehicles to cover larger distances, with little time for charging the vehicle during the day, we will be planting 10 trees to help offset their carbon impact.

Mangrove Planting

The trees will be planted in Madagascar by a non-profit whose mission also reflects one of our core values, which is to provide fair wage employment opportunities.

As a business that prides itself on saving water we have specifically chosen to plant trees that thrive in the ocean… Mangrove trees! However Mangroves play an even more important role in helping us to reduce our carbon footprint. Mangroves are notoriously able to store vast levels of carbon and are also under threat worldwide, which means the trees that we plant will be vital in their recovery. Carbon stored in mangrove forests is considered blue carbon, because it is stored on the coast. In addition to their excellent carbon sequestration abilities, mangroves provide excellent flood and storm protection to the coastal area itself.

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