Tackling Coronavirus Together: How Dropless Can Help

With the current exponential spread of coronavirus, the UK is facing a crisis the likes of which has never been seen during peacetime. While the majority of the population is in lockdown at present, thousands of frontline workers up and down the country are working flatout to support the national effort to slow and stop the disease. 

Dropless is open for business. We are doing whatever we can to keep those who are still on the road as safe as possible, and going the extra mile with our precautions to maximise the safety of everyone involved.

Coronavirus Services for Vehicle Users

We know that if you are using your car at the moment, it is for a good reason. It’s more important than ever that the vehicles we use for travel are clean and hygienic to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. 

In order to do our part, we are offering a free disinfection service with every booking. We use Dettol products for a thorough antibacterial and antiviral wipe down of all interior surfaces plus key exterior surfaces. The specific Dettol products that we use have proven 99.9% effective at killing the virus. If you’re a parent you can rest assured that all children’s car seats will be fully disinfected.

We are also offering a full vehicle sterilisation service, which is the most thorough sterilisation process on the market. This involves: 

  • an industrial ozone treatment
  • a wet shampoo with an antibacterial and antiviral Dettol product
  • a steam of upholstery and all surfaces

To find out more about these services visit our coronavirus treatments page, or login to the Dropless app and add these disinfection options to your next wash. 

Precautions for Our Operators

In addition to offering a comprehensive sterilisation service to minimise health risks for our customers, we have taken a number of precautions – in accordance with government guidelines – to protect our operators. 

Our new policy includes:

  1. Recyclable Gloves: A fresh pair will always be used for every car and customer

  2. Dettol Antiviral Disinfection: A wipe down of all the key touch points of the car, including baby seats, will be included at the end of every service

  3. Masks: These will be worn by all operators throughout each service

  4. Travel: None of our active operators have recently been abroad

Support Small Businesses During This Unsettled Period

Dropless is a young startup that supports over 20 employees who live in London. We would like to reassure our loyal customers that we are open for business and working very hard to fight this deadly virus. Together we can – and will – get through this.