Refer a Friend, Reap the Rewards!

Do Dropless have a refer a friend scheme?

YES! We are delighted to announce that we have recently launched our refer a friend scheme, meaning all our customers can continue to spread the Dropless love.

How does it work?

We want you to be THAT friend… the helpful one, the one that is always in the know, and the one that gives the best gifts!

As a pre-existing Dropless customer you will find your refer a friend code in the settings, either on the app or web browser. Each code consists of three randomised words which are unique to every customer. Feel free to share this code with as many friends as you wish, via whatsapp, social media or email. 

With this code, all of your friends (as long as they are a new customer) will receive £10 off their first booking. PLUS for every booking completed you will receive a £10 balance to your gift card, ready to use on your next booking, what’s not to love?!

Why refer a friend?

Well… firstly, if you recommend us to 10 of your friends (and they take your valuable advice and use us), you’ll receive £100 on a gift card for Dropless (enough said, right?). Plus you will definitely be in with a shot at friend of the year as your friends will all receive £10 off their first booking too.

We’re excited for our customers to continue spreading the word because we love saving water, and if those 10 friends all go on to book an in and out valet, cumulatively they will help us save over 1500 litres of water with just one car wash each! That’s the equivalent of almost 20 bath tubs of water!!

Savings all round

It’s not only water that we are committed to saving.. We are also conscious about our CO2 emissions, and as a company our wash methods emit half the CO2 emissions compared with competitor car washes, and in order to reduce this it is our goal to have a fully electric fleet by 2025, plus every month we plant one tree for every 10 washes we complete, which equates to over 100 trees per week!

Not only does our refer a friend programme benefit you and your friends, it also benefits the environment, and it helps us as we work towards revolutionising the car wash industry.

As an industry the car wash sector is notorious for its ties to slave labour. In the UK alone, it is estimated that over 24,000 people have been forced into modern day slavery and are being made to work in unsafe conditions, against their will, and for less than minimum wage. In our aim to revolutionise the industry we are working against this. We pay all our staff a fair wage, offer protective clothing and safe training, and ensure that all our employees have a right to work in the UK.  

So, what are you waiting for? Get sharing today, tell all your friends, neighbours and even the postman if you like! You may never have to pay full price again! Refer a friend, reap the rewards! 

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