Press Release: Dropless Partners with the NHS and Gett during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Last month we published a post about how we have adapted our car washing services to help drivers and passengers stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Today we are extremely proud to announce that we are using our comprehensive disinfection and sterilisation service to help the NHS safely transport people with coronavirus symptoms. 

Transporting Ill Patients Safely during COVID-19

Dropless is working with NHS England and the taxi platform Gett to allow ill patients to see doctors face-to-face during lockdown. The service is available when an individual has a non-urgent health condition that needs to be seen by a GP, but is also exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus. A specially commissioned taxi transports them from their home to a designated NHS community centre where they can get the help they need.

Dropless plays a vital role in this initiative by disinfecting the taxi between patients with anti-bacterial and anti-viral products. 

The dedicated taxis are ideally set up for transporting those who need to be kept in isolation; the privacy divider between driver and passenger acts as a protective screen, while the seats and surfaces in the back of the cab are all designed to be easily cleaned. The NHS and Dropless have introduced additional precautions, including covering any fabrics in the cab with wipeable plastic material, covering air vents leading to the driver cab and extending the privacy screen.

Photo credit: Simon Jacobs

Our Sterilisation Service: How We’re Stopping the Spread

We have a rigorous disinfection regime in place, in line with Public Health England Infection Control Guidance, to ensure the safety of the taxi driver and other patients who use the taxi:

  • All of our operatives wear full PPE
  • We use NHS Chlor-Clean products supplied by NHS-approved suppliers – proven to kill coronavirus 
  • We use an industrial ozone treatment, which kills 99.99% of bacteria, mould, mildew and viruses
  • We use a wet shampoo with an antibacterial and antiviral Dettol product on any exposed fabrics

In addition to these measures, the taxi driver is provided with alcohol gel and a mask and the passenger windows are opened during the journey to increase ventilation.

Doing Our Bit for the NHS

Christian Duncan, Co-Founder and CEO of Dropless, says:

“When we were asked to implement our full sterilisation service on behalf of the NHS in South East London, we were honoured to play our part during the coronavirus pandemic. 

I am particularly proud of our operatives who are fighting the virus on the front line. Their hard work means that more patients can see doctors and get the medical assistance they need.”

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