New Partnership with SIXT+

The global pandemic has caused knock on effects across every industry. Through delays in production, to delivery, the automotive industry is no exception. 

In the height of lockdown there was an increasing surge in demand for electronic devices, whether it be tablets, mobiles, or laptops, they were all necessary to accommodate for the new ‘stay home’ lifestyle. However this increased demand saw microchips for cars forced to the back of the priority line, and without those chips the production line for cars came to a grinding halt.

With consumers unwilling to wait months or even a year for their new cars, they took to the second hand market, but as predicted, with increased demand came inflation. The second hand car market saw the average asking price for used cars rise by 15.2% year on year!*

It doesn’t look like the automotive industry is going to catch up with demand overnight, so could car subscriptions, like SIXT+, be the solution?

SIXT+ is a leading international provider of high-quality mobility services and has stood for over 100 years for a culture of innovation with a strong technological focus. The company offers a unique, integrated range of mobility services across the fields of vehicle and commercial vehicle rental, car sharing, ride hailing and car subscriptions. 

Subscribing instead of buying

The SIXT+ car subscription is the newest SIXT+ product and the perfect solution for people who like to drive their own car, but at the same time do not want to commit to years of finance plans or loans. 

SIXT+ allows customers to get their own car with a no-strings-attached contract that can be cancelled monthly simply by returning the vehicle. The subscription can be a worry-free part of your life, just like a video streaming service or your gym membership! With the SIXT+ car subscription service, you have mobility with no fuss at a fixed price. 

All subscribers can enjoy the latest car models on a permanent basis, with cars available within a few days at SIXT+ stations nationwide. Get a car immediately and keep it for as long as you want!

Dropless perks

As a special benefit for Dropless customers, you will receive a free 1000 miles once within your SIXT+ car subscription. Use the free miles on top of your booked mileage package for your vacation trip or occasional weekend trips with your SIXT+ car.* T&C’s apply



*Second hand car prices: 

*Microchip shortage: