New Partnership with Karshare Brings Dropless to Bristol

At Dropless we’re devoted to getting the UK safely back in the driver’s seat after the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic. We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Karshare, the peer to peer car sharing company, which takes our operatives outside of the London area for the first time in our history.

Keeping Karshare’s Vehicles Clean

Karshare was launched in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as a free car sharing service for key workers. Dropless’ rigorous sanitisation regimen has always been absolutely paramount to the success of the scheme, as the drivers were primarily NHS workers using Karshare as an alternative to public transport.

Earlier this month Karshare announced that it was expanding its service so that any vehicle owner in Bristol can share their car within their local community with those happy to rent them, for uses including visiting relatives, making family trips and running errands. This new move has led Karshare and Dropless to extend beyond their initial coverage area of Greater London into Bristol and Bath.

Bringing Waterless Washes to Bristol

Research carried out by Karshare indicates that over half (52%) of Bristol residents said that their income has decreased due to the pandemic. A further third (32%) also said they are considering renting out things they own in order to make additional income, with a quarter (26%) confirming that if all the right insurances were in place they would consider sharing their car with their community (either lending their car or hiring someone else’s car).

Christian Duncan, Founder of Dropless, says: “The Bristol area was already at the top of our list of places to expand given the green credentials and interest in sustainability. Our waterless washing system uses 98% less water than a typical wash and we are mobile – we come to you at a time of your choosing. 

We have been hugely impressed with the team at Karshare and their expansion within Bristol made the decision to open for business in the city an easy one. We very much look forward to supporting their mission to make better use of vehicles and doing our bit to keep the vehicles within their community clean, sanitised and roadworthy.”

Andy Hibbert, Founder of Karshare, explained: “Convenience, sustainability and delivering the very highest levels of customer care are integral to our business and with Dropless we immediately recognised a company with the same values. We are delighted Dropless has made the investment to commence operations in the Bristol area and provide our customers with discounted access to a full range of cleaning and sanitisation services.”