New Partnership with Electric Vehicle Subscription Service ONTO

With more electric vehicles registered than diesel cars for the second month in a row in July 2021, according to car industry figures*, it appears EV’s are here to change the face of driving for good!

But we realise that buying and owning an electric car is not always a viable option for everyone. The investment is a long term commitment, that can be quite expensive, so at Dropless we are excited to announce our new partnership with Onto, the all-inclusive electric vehicle subscription company, that are changing the rules of car ownership, so we can continue to help our customers access sustainable alternatives.

The exciting electric alternative

Since launching in 2017, Onto have strived to accelerate electric vehicle (EV) adoption by making driving hassle-free, emissions-free and affordable. Through a monthly subscription, customers get the latest electric cars delivered to their door with insurance, servicing, breakdown cover, and free public charging at over 12,000 locations in the UK. Plus, there is no deposit and only a 1-month commitment!

An Onto subscription makes the switch to driving an electric vehicle radically simple. 

Adapting to you

Having partnered with major car manufacturers to offer a wide range of EVs, new cars join the service each month, and allows the possibility to swap between them anytime you feel like it because Onto believe the car should adapt to your needs and not the opposite!

Don’t hesitate to head to the passionate Onto community if you’d like to talk EV with them or get to know the subscription service better.

How does ONTO work?

Simple. It’s a fully digital service.

Sign up here, choose your first car and Onto will deliver it to your door. Unlock your car with the Onto app and enjoy your drive!



At Dropless, we have a passion for both cars and sustainability. This means we love electric cars, and it’s why we’re so excited by the new partnership with Onto. To see how Dropless are working on our own sustainability as a company click here.

*BBC News article – Electric vehicle sales outpace diesel again