Mums: How technology can aid a stress free day

Managing a family is no easy task; throw a full time career on top of that and it’s like walking a tight rope whilst juggling pineapples… and the rope is on fire, and the kids are throwing toys at you whilst screaming for food.  


The day begins: Get kids fed, then dressed. Oh wait, you need to get dressed, and fed, and out the door to beat the school traffic. Sod it, eat in the car, hair in a bun… wear leggings and a gym top… why not, easier decision…. Sound somewhat familiar. (btw, if this is you, on behalf of Sweaty Betty and Lululemon, thank you).  


There are only so many ‘awake’ hours in a day. Saving time and staying organised to avoid catastrophic meltdown is so important. These days we practically live on our smart phones! Speaking on behalf of many, losing your passport would feel less stressful that your phone, right! And as we move well into 2018, it’s becoming more and more evident the world is turning to technology to save time, live conveniently, or, even have more fun! 


That said, we have an overwhelming smorgasbord of apps and new tech available to us. So, we thought we’d get together and explore exactly what tech is being used by you Mums to save those precious hours and help keep your lives in check! Here are our top 5 for 2018: 


  1. Amazon Alexa 


Both Alexa and Google Home have taken the world by storm. Although Google Home is considered to have a greater understanding of natural language, Alexa has won the hearts of many and preforms very well indeed. Alexa is fantastic at keeping track of your day to day, simply tell her to remind you of the kid’s school trip, P.E lessons or even Mufti Day, simply ask for a reminder Alexa delivers.  


Alexa also ties in nicely to any shopping reminders; how many times have we thought ahh, cooking oil, must remember! Only to return from the supermarket cooking oiless. Now it will pain some of you, but long gone are the days of Sunday shops – Voice enabled shopping is not far off. TechCrunch estimates that 10% of UK households are already regularly using voice to order, and in 2022 voice shopping will have grown to a whopping $40B in the UK and US. But hey, that means 1 hour back in your pocket right! 


Alexa is also an expert at homework. Unlike the old days, kids are now encouraged to use Google to discover answers to questions we once relied on the oracle of mum to answer. Alexa allows kids to interact, ask questions and complete their homework while the oracle preps dinner, or even does her nails.  


 1. HelloFresh 


Hello you Fresh loveliness. If you’ve not given it a go, you must. Even the most novice cook can throw together a spectacular meal whilst juggling three kids and a hungry husband. Carefully measured packets of herbs, spices and ingredients and a step by step cooking guide makes stressful meal times a thing of that past. The boxes come fully kitted for your family size and even tailored to cater for those fussy eaters! HF also assures their meals have a nice healthy balance, delivering your precious gems the daily nutrition they need [Symbol] 


Get your kids involved, why not! The way HF packages up their boxes is an experience in itself. Watch their Christmas morning faces light up as they unpack and learn about fantastic foods. Your little helpers will have never be more excited to cook.  

 2. Laundrapp 


Now if you enjoy doing laundry then this one’s not for you. However, if you’re strapped for time, or maybe you just despise wash and ironing dress shirts; Laundrapp to the rescue! Fairly priced and uber convenient, Laundrapp are ready to pick up, wash, dry and deliver your fresh washing in the blink of an eye! No more cranking out the iron on a Sunday at 9pm. Simply punch in the items you want washed and they will be back at your door before you know it. Keep in mind where we are heading with voice…. Not long now and Alexa will booking the laundry in for you.  


 3. Dropless 


It only makes sense that we ‘Drop’ ourselves into this exciting mix [Symbol], right? Quick fact; Mums are actually the most frequent customers for team Dropless! Dropless are the UK’s new on-demand car wash and valet. Like Uber, Dropless bring their service to you, whether at home, work, or out shopping, simply pin your car, select a time and leave Dropless to do the rest. No cash, no queues, no wasted time, washing your car was never easier. 


So we all love a clean car, that’s obvious. But who really wants to drive to the hand car wash, queue for 20mins, have an awkward experience trying to work out when to drive forward and when to stop (you know what we mean), dig around for cash to pay the guy, and throughout this, have the kids screaming to get the hell out of Dodge.  


Following the convenience footsteps of Uber and Deliveroo, Dropless makes booking simple, fast and convenient. Having a clean car has never been easier. With valeting options available you can now wave good bye to those muddy footprints and crumbs all over your seats. A friendly Dropless Expert will call you on arrival, collect your keys and hand them back as soon as the valet is finished.  


 4. SleepCycle 


Looping back to the start of this blog post, there are only so many ‘awake’ hours in the day, and it’s so important that we spend those hours feeling fresh, positive and motivated. Having kids is draining for many, its hard work, so a good nights sleep is so important.  


As we’re on the topic of tech, we’re not going to dive into sleeping apparatus, by that we mean your bed, but do check out Simba. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz [Symbol] Affordable and amazing – the reviews speak for themselves. 


Some have gone as far as saying waking up with Sleep Cycle is like being ‘woken up by a mermaid stroking your hair or a unicorn nuzzling your toes’. We maybe wouldn’t go that far but it sure works. Sleep Cycle monitors your sleep patterns, letting you know how your sleeping and even wakes you up at the most optimum time!  


A full sleep cycle tends to last 90 minutes and is repeated several times each night. Sleep Cycle then monitors these cycles and gradually and smoothly wakes you up during the end of a cycle allowing you to wake up fresh and seize each and every day!