Cleaning Up the Company Car: Marsh & Parsons Save Big on Time, Money and Water

Dropless are pleased to announce the start of yet another happy working relationship, as we’ve been taken on to provide fleet cleaning services to estate agents Marsh & Parsons.

To ensure the success of this partnership, Dropless developed their ability to clean commercial cars for a major company with the size of Marsh & Parsons, being certain that we can accommodate the fast-paced and customer-focused business needs of one of London’s leading estate agents. We also knew that with this relationship, it wasn’t just going to be about making sure their cars were always sparkling clean – we were also able to help Marsh & Parsons staff significantly by making their car cleaning process much easier and more efficient.

Before we started working with them, Marsh & Parsons staff would often have to spend significant time taking cars to the local car wash. With a 30-minute journey per car, and an average of three cars needing cleaning each week, this was a sizeable amount of time being used up. Even if the person this task is allocated to is on minimum wage, this would still cost a company nearly £650 a year in labour costs, which doesn’t even include the amount of time taken to queue, have your car washed, and then pay.

With Dropless’ on-demand and waterless car washing service, Marsh & Parsons can now have their fleet cleaned anywhere, even in their company lot. Other on-demand car washing services are often unable to offer this due to laws around run-off water – a problem that doesn’t impact Dropless washers thanks to our waterless cleaning solution.

It isn’t just the on-demand cleaning process which makes life easier for companies like Marsh & Parsons. The online booking system, flexible booking times and easy invoicing process offered by Dropless all serve to make fleet cleaning easier than ever, and certainly much less time consuming for your staff.

Ellie Bull, the fleet manager at Marsh & Parsons, is one of the team members who has certainly seen the benefits of using Dropless. She said of the partnership: ‘Dropless have provided an excellent solution to support other environmentally friendly initiatives recently launched at Marsh & Parsons.

‘The service has been remarkable and I look forward to seeing this business relationship grow. The time and money we save is an extra bonus too!’

As we grow, Dropless intend to help more and more businesses by offering a greener, easier and more efficient fleet cleaning service. Making sure that our partners are happy with every single step of the process is of the upmost important to us, which is why we love to celebrate happy and successful relationships like this one.

3 or more vehicles in your fleet? Try out our calculator that will help you find out how much  time. money and water you could save.

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