Happy Earth Day 2021

Today is an extremely important day to Dropless, one where we remind ourselves of how important protecting our planet is. Dropless was formed with the intention of creating a more sustainable alternative to traditional car washing, whilst simultaneously being more convenient for our customers. We can proudly say that we are shifting our industry for the better. Not only do we significantly reduce water usage by saving more than 200+ litres per wash, but also reduce the carbon that would otherwise be required to treat the water post wash and pump it back to source. Additionally, we prevent the need to use petrol whilst driving to and queuing for the car wash. The car wash sector has unfortunately been an area in which exploitation of workers and modern slavery is particularly prevalent. Again, we aim to change this.

We acknowledge that as a business we have a long way to go to improve our own credentials and move towards a net-zero emission supply chain. We have specifically sourced the most eco-friendly cleaning products and are actively increasing the proportion of electric vehicles in our fleet whilst also working towards our B-Corp certification.

We are thrilled to have noticed a clear shift in the right direction from the majority of the business fleets that we work with. We’ve seen many of our large more established businesses we work with electrifying their fleet and an influx of tech driven start-ups in the MaaS sector with sustainable or renewable values. Having worked so closely with hundreds of clients whose sole role it is to improve the impact that their business has on the environment we know there is hope and are confident the rate of change will continue to increase.

Earth Day 2021