Green Execs Choose Green Car Washer

Dropless are happy to mark the one-year anniversary of our partnership with ICBC, allowing their execs to go green with their car washes.

Part of what has made this partnership so successful is both organisations’ commitment to environmentally-friendly practices. Executives at ICBC have taken a stand against car washing methods that damage the local environment and waste-water, which Dropless have been able to help them with thanks to our waterless washing method. ICBC can also be content in the knowledge that unlike many enterprises in the car wash industry, Dropless washers are paid a proper wage and work in a safe environment.

The assistant’s best friend

ICBC executives know that the best way to make change is to lead by example, which is why they have committed to using Dropless as their car washing partner. However, they are also aware that taking a social or environmental stance should not come at the expense of their staff. Dropless are fast becoming a useful service of PAs and assistants, thanks to the quick and easy online booking method and the service that’s delivered right to where your car is parked. This removes one more chore for the assistant’s to-do list.

Making the car wash work perk even easier

Finally, car washing frequently tops surveys of favourite employee perks as staff increasingly value personal care provided by their work place. Perhaps this is why ICBC have decided to stick with Dropless for over a year now, as we not only offer an excellent environmentally-friendly car wash, but thanks to our on-demand service we can wash cars anywhere, meaning we can easily get to a company car park and clean every vehicle without any run off waste water!

Speranta Knowles, corporate services and events manager at ICBC, said of their partnership with Dropless: ‘Although I didn’t set out to save the planet when I was looking for a company that could provide a car washing service, I am so glad that we found Dropless, who are helping us to be less wasteful and more responsible.’

3 or more company cars? Try out our calculator that will help you find out how much money, time and water you could save.

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