Dropless Partnerships: City Relay

Dropless have developed many successful partnerships in the short time the company has been around, all of which we’re very proud of. However some partners, such as City Relay, we feel really mirror our outlook of technology being able to move businesses forward at a fantastic rate while maintaining an earth-friendly approach to their work.



City Relay is a business that, like Dropless, simply couldn’t have existed a few decades ago. By creating a fantastic website they offer an incredible all-in-one short let property management service. With their simple online system and their ability to take care of cleaning, maintenance and marketing of properties they can give people looking for short lets or hoping to rent out their property something they’ve never had before.

Unsurprisingly, the partnership between Dropless and City Relay, which has only been in existence since May, has been successful for both sides. Early on it was clear that an efficient and fast-moving facilities business such as City Relay was in need of the on-demand and economical car washing service for their fleet that Dropless could offer. The reduced downtime and no need for drainage with Dropless washing has also been a huge asset to them.

As a forward-thinking company that recognises the need for corporations to improve their environmental efforts, City Relay were also excited about being able to clear their growing fleet in an eco-friendly manner, which Dropless were of course able to deliver.

Harriet Taylor, director of sales and marketing at City Relay, said of the partnership with Dropless: ‘As a company, we pride ourselves on operating as sustainably as possible at each and every touch point.

‘Our partnership with Dropless has enabled us to take this ethos one step further by introducing new technologies that not only leave our vehicles sparkling, but have no negative impact on the environment.

‘Working with them is so effortless and simple. The Dropless team come to our warehouse to clean the fleet using their eco-friendly technology so there is no time wasted.

‘Our vehicles are a key component to ensuring our operations run efficiently and they have never looked so good!’

At Dropless, we know how utilizing technology can be used to make fleet cleaning both more efficient and more eco-friendly, which is why our washers travel to their cleaning jobs on electric bikes, reducing their carbon footprint even further.

For companies like City Relay, where they need to be as efficient as possible while maintain their corporate responsibilities, a partnership with Dropless makes perfect sense.