Dropless: Helping Companies Safely Fire up their Business Engines

The world has now changed – in some cases for the worst and others for the better – but it’s safe to say that most people have a heightened awareness or even a compulsion for cleanliness and sanitisation. 

Cleaning vehicles is in our Dropless DNA. As the pandemic unfolded we immediately recognised that we can support both our customers and business partners through sanitisation services. Through partnering with the NHS to help ferry patients from their local GP, we researched and procured the most highly recommended sanitisation products to combat and kill COVID-19. We created and refined our own cleaning processes and techniques to assure the most effective sanitisation of vehicles. This service is now powering businesses and their customers to come back strong and confident. 

Today, Dropless and Turo, the world’s largest peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace, announced our vehicle disinfection partnership to help give Turo’s community of guests and hosts confidence to get back on the road. We’re helping Turo and other partners fire up their engines and get back to business.

Xavier Collins MD of Turo UK, said:

“As lockdown restrictions begin to ease and people start to travel, Turo is committed to providing resources to keep guests and hosts safe. We are pleased to partner with Dropless to offer Turo hosts services at special pricing to help ensure that cars have been properly cleaned and disinfected. Ensuring a high-level of safety and cleanliness will be crucial to giving people the confidence to start travelling again.”

Our CEO Christian Duncan commented on the partnership: 

“We have a very strong partnership with Turo and we do what we can to assure their hosts’ cars are well looked after. It’s now time to keep their hosts and their customers safe, giving them the confidence they need to fire up again. 

Turo is an amazing business. Like many others who have felt shortfalls during the lockdown it’s now time for them to come back stronger than ever and we’re proud to be a part of that.”