Dropless celebrates new partnership with Hiyacar

Dropless are delighted to announce a new partnership with peer-to-peer car lending service Hiyacar.com. Hiyacar is a new take on car hire, allowing people to register their cars on the site, while others can use the service to hire cars in their local area.

This model of car sharing has been a huge success since Hiyacar launched, with customers attracted to the ease of use and the wide range of cars available to them. Many customers are also attracted to the environmental benefits of a local car sharing service – an aspect that Dropless have been able to help take even further. By forming this partnership Dropless will be able to provide Hiyacar an on-demand car washing service that saves 150 litres of water each time one of their registered cars is washed thanks to our water-free cleaning solution. The electric bikes used by Dropless washers also contribute to our energy-saving ways.

An eco-friendly partnership

Dropless are particularly happy to partner with Hiyacar as we believe their business model supports eco-friendly initiatives, just like ours. Car hire, particularly in an urban setting, can be more environmentally friendly than buying a car if you aren’t a regular driver. Car production uses a lot of resources and energy, so if you only need one for a handful of trips a year, hiring over buying is far better for the environment.

Now people can use Hiyacar confident that their choice to hire a car is not only more eco-friendly, but that the method in which the vehicles are cleaned is also better for the environment than traditional car washing techniques. Dropless are proud to be help Hiyacar make their supply chain more sustainable, which starts as soon as their customers decided to make the environmentally friendly choice by using Hiyacar in the first place.

Electric bikes helping the on-demand model

Thanks to the electric mopeds used by the washers to get to the vehicles being cleaned, Dropless have established themselves as one of the top vehicle cleaning services for grey fleets (fleets of vehicles which are not located in one centralised place). As more enterprises such as Hiyacar move towards managing fleets of vehicles in this nature, Dropless’ on-demand model and increased mobility due to the waterless washing method offers a competitive edge over more archaic vehicle cleaning services.

Dropless intend to help even more companies adopt an eco-friendly and water saving supply chain when it comes to cleaning their vehicles. We’ve also partnered with DPD to clean their electric vehicle fleet at their Westminster hub, making the entire supply chain of the hub carbon neutral thanks to our water-free cleaning and our washers’ electric mopeds.

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