Car Valeting vs. Detailing

Ever wondered why we offer so many different services? Well.. every car and their owner is different! So should you book in for car valeting or car detailing?

Whether you like to keep your pride and joy clean for your own satisfaction, or to help maintain its market value we’ve got you covered. But from a basic outside wash to our Premium HD valet we want to ensure that you are choosing the best service for you, your car, and your budget.

Valeting vs detailing?

Car valeting is essential for keeping safe out on the roads, and a dirty license plate could lead to fines of up to £1,000 within the UK! But what is the real difference between valeting and detailing?

The devil is in the details. Detailing is quite simply a more ‘detailed’ cleaning process. External detailing can be known to help correct and protect paintwork, and internal detailing can leave your car looking like it’s straight out of the showroom. Our premium services include all aspects of auto detailing, from a deep interior shampoo to exterior waxing of the paintwork.

However, detailing can definitely be more time consuming, and of course more expensive, in comparison to car washing.

Dropless Differences – In & Out vs. Premium HD

The main difference is time. Our operative will typically spend an hour and 15 mins on an Inside and Out, however for a Premium Valet they have double this time. This extra time is predominantly spent on the interior of the car (although you can ask for this to be spent more on the outside if you like). We also use some more premium products such as a dry shampoo which gets out marks and light stains from fabrics, as well as a leather cleaner. All together, the premium gives our operatives more time and better products to go into a higher level of detail on your car, particularly the interior. 

Our in and out service is perfect for quick, hassle free car care. The standard of the clean is not to be doubted. 

Many experts recommend detailing every 4-6 months with regular cleans in between. Get your car booked in for your latest clean or valet here

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