Basic car maintenance tips for busy parents

Be it the school run, swimming classes or rushing to the supermarket for dinner supplies, the time soon vanishes for busy parents.

After all, there’s only so many hours in a day and keeping your car running and looking as good as new when on the go is not always a number one priority. But thankfully, there are lots of quick and simple car maintenance steps that can help you along the way.

From keeping an eye on pressure and water levels to eco-friendly cleaning solutions, here are four basic car maintenance tips for busy parents.


Regular check-ups

We know, not many of us will be getting under the car to carry out DIY on fiddly parts or squinting for oddly shaped nuts and bolts but keeping on top of the basics will make sure the school run isn’t stopped in its tracks!

Opening up the bonnett and checking water and oil levels every couple of weeks (car manuals will say how to go about it) and looking out for any cuts on your tyres will help keep you ticking along.

It’s also a wise idea to have a scan for any chips on the windscreen and get them checked out to prevent further damage and check all lights once a week so that you’re running on full capacity.


Tyre pressure

You may not notice it but the tyres on a car generally lose pressure every month. Low tyre pressure is a problem causer. Your ability to brake can be badly impacted as can handling corners and also your wallet with experts predicting that properly inflated tyres can improve mileage per tank by up to 3%.

Avoiding these is simple. Once you have the pressure gauge required for your vehicle (check the car manual) you can remove the valve dust cap on the tyre and the pressure reading will appear on the gauge. If below what’s recommended for your car then either use a pump to inflate to the desired level or visit your nearest petrol station for a quick fix.


Green credentials

Keeping the car boot clean and tidy will not only keep it clean but the lower weight will mean you’ll be driving more efficiently and saving fuel too!

If the interiors start to smell a little musty and spots of mold begin to appear – leaving the windows open during a downpour of rain can spark it off – do not fear. It’s a good idea to leave the vehicle out in some sunshine (if possible!) to ventilate the inside and then simply spraying white vinegar on the affected areas and brushing or wiping off after 15/20 minutes will do the trick!


Wash without water

Not only will this prevent excessive water use and also boost your green credentials but crucially, save you time! At Dropless we use eco-friendly, waterless nano solutions which will keep your exterior and interior looking as good as new and without the water wastage.

Our deep vacuuming and interior polishing is to the nth-degree, leaving your car sparkling and smelling fresh with our complimentary air freshener.

Simply download the Dropless mobile app to book a time and place and our expert staff will come to you – car wash queues will be a thing of the past!