Absolute SAPotage

Goodbye SAPtember!

Summer might have left us, but unfortunately tree sap didn’t get the memo. 

Tree sap is an incredibly useful product in day-to-day life, and its thick, sticky nature is used to create products such as glue, maple syrup, and even chewing gum. But as a car owner, do you know how to keep your car protected?

Sadly, for our cars, tree sap can be a relentless seasonal battle. Sap is at an all time high during spring and summer. The warmer months create the perfect environment for the sap to dry onto the car’s paintwork, which is not only unsightly, but if left untreated it can cause permanent damage to the wax and paint on your car, and even lead to rust! 

We’re not saying that the moment tree sap touches your car you’re doomed, however the build up of tree sap, and hardened sap can be a lot harder to remove from the surface of the car.

Sap that remains on the vehicle begins to eat through both the wax and the clear coat finish that sit on top of the coloured paint. Once the sap reaches the paint, any further damage is irreversible without a more costly method of rectification.

How can you protect your car from tree sap damage?

First things first, if possible try not to park directly under a tree  for a prolonged period of time (especially a pine tree, their sap is especially problematic)… Understandably though, this is not always an option, so here are some steps you can take to help the fight against tree sap.

Tree sap removal is all about speed. The longer it remains on the car the tougher it is to remove and therefore the more likely it is to cause long lasting damage. If you spot new sap, make sure to book yourself in with Dropless for a valet as soon as possible.

If you do attempt to remove a small area of sap at home, be sure to use a clean microfibre cloth, to avoid scratching the paintwork. Removing sap at home also requires warm/hot water to help break down the sap and don’t forget a little elbow grease!

Every 6 months, why not give your car that extra layer of protection and book in for a radiant wax with Dropless? 

How can we protect your car from tree sap damage?

Unfortunately, if there has been a build up of sap, it requires a level of care that goes above and beyond our standard or premium valeting services, however we do have a tree sap removal service for customers to book. Our three stage technique weakens and then breaks the sap bonds allowing us to remove it safely from paintwork and glass surfaces.

Been the victim of SAPotage this summer? Send us a few images of the affected areas to [email protected] and we’ll provide the quote!

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